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How does the tent camp work?

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How does the tent camp work?

How should tent camps be camped? This is a problem that many tent camp owners are troubled by, especially Xiaobai who has never worked in this area. Haolaiju tent manufacturers have done tent configuration and camp planning for 300+ thousand mu level camps , so it is quite experienced in this area, so today, the Haolaiju tent manufacturer will share with you the five capabilities required for the operation of our tent camp.

1 Key competencies of the manager

Daily affairs ability: finance, cognition, health and other groceries;

Marketing management ability: online booking channel management, community management, and self-media channel management; event operation ability: event planning and execution, beauty presentation, resource integration, business activity customization; natural education operation ability: curriculum planning and project planning, etc.;

Operational capacity of camp derivatives: cultural and creative products, agricultural products, etc.;

2 How to build a team?

New media team: responsible for traffic and exposure;

Event planning team: responsible for the implementation of daily and large-scale activities in the park; e-commerce team: negative wheat new retail;

Investment promotion team: responsible for investment promotion and merchant management;

Agricultural operation team: integrated research and development of negative wheat agricultural resources;

Commercial operation team: management of homestay research projects in Negmai Tourism Park; engineering maintenance team: daily maintenance, garden maintenance, etc.;

3 How to make a fast camp with explosive money back?

Atmosphere planning: pay attention to the sense of ceremony and aesthetic design;

Night scene planning: from sunset to night, the lighting atmosphere should be carried out in layers; interactive planning: urban camping should test the spontaneous mobilization of users;

Catering planning: Catering should be complete in color, fragrance and taste, with a sense of ritual and aesthetics;

4 How to set up camp promotion channels?

Xiaohongshu is the preferred choice, and there are more young people;

The self-owned old customer community is an important channel for event registration, pay attention to the accumulation of C-end customer groups;

5 How to self-check the activity registration?

Whether the theme plan of the event is attractive, able to stimulate users' desire to participate, with a simple theme and clear goals; whether there is enough pre-publicity and promotion, well-designed posters and planning copywriting at least 10 days in advance;

Whether there is a sense of community maintenance, and a scene display of long-term event invitations;

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